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To deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products. We want to be the leading supplier and the first choice to our key customers by providing them with the best products and a personal service. ARISE MEDICAL CORPORATION aims to be the one-stop-shop for all medical requirements.


Established by Arise India Ltd, ARISE MEDICAL CORPORATION intends to emerge as a leader in the Indian Medical Industry. The trusted name of Arise India Ltd. in the arena of electrical goods manufacturing, gives us the platform to achieve this. Being a leading manufacturer of electronics, Arise India Ltd possesses the technical know-how, the required R&D and the necessary infrastructure to enable ARISE MEDICAL CORPORATION to surface as a pioneer in the Medical Device & Equipment Industry.

As a company, we will pursue various segments in the Indian Medical Industry, with the main focus on domestic production of IVD and Imaging Equipment.We seek global solutions to ensure economies of scale in production that result in higher quality and superior cost effectiveness. Additionally, we also seek to tie-up with international companies in the medical industry and gain distributorship for the subcontinent of India.

Areas of business:

  • Home Medical Devices
    - Glucometer
    - BP monitor : digital , manual , wrist
    - Thermometer: digital
    - Standard pressurized metered-dose inhalers.
    - Breathe-activated pressurized metered-dose inhalers.
    - Dry powder inhalers
    - Nebulizer
    - Pulse Oximeter
    - Portable Medical aspirator
    - Nasal Mask
    - Cholesterol Monitor
    - CPAP machine
    - Oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder
    - Peak Flow Meters
    - Apnea Monitor
    - Blood coagulation meter
    - Electrocardiogram monitor
    - Fetal monitor
    - Portable Eye Check Up
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment
    - Fully automated biochemistry analyzer
    - Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer
    - Urine Analyzer
    - 5 - part hematology analyzer
    - 3 - part hematology analyzer
    - ELISA reader
    - ELISA washer
    - Blood Cell Counter
    - HBA1C Reader
    - Centrifuge
  • Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
    - CT Scan
    - MRI machine
    - PET Scan machine
    - Digital X-ray.
    - Ultrasound
    - Mammography Machine
  • Physiological Measuring Equipment
    - TMT Machine
    - OPG Machine
    - ECG Machine

ARISE MEDICAL CORPORATION intends to fall in the footsteps of its mother company and become known as the leading brand for Medical Devices and Equipment in India.
Arise has started its operations under Arise Path labs in Delhi / NCR. Effective Mar, 2016
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